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SVP : A New Journey

As each new year rolls in I am always so thankful for an opportunity to reflect on all the love + lessons the year before brought.  A brand new year is certainly refreshing and encouraging as I try my best to use those things to properly plan for the next. The last 2 years as a business owner (cough, #girlboss) have been such a wonderful adventure and have brought so much joy + fulfillment into my life. As I begin my 3rd year as a full-time photographer I have decided to follow my heart and take my business in an entirely new direction (gasp) in hopes to always stay true to my passion. I have been on pins and needles waiting to share this big jump with you all! So, here’s the exciting news: 

I am going to be learning and incorporating film photography into my business this year!!

Film? Yes, film! As in… old-school, black-room developed film. With a film camera. And rolls of film. Actually, rolls of film that I’ll have to unwrap and insert into my camera every 16 exposures. Film that I won’t be able to see a preview of on the back of my camera while I shoot. Film that I will mail off and won’t get to see until the lab processes, scans and sends back to me (for a pretty little penny might I add). Oh, it’s going to be a journey alright. 😉 But, this is a journey my heart has been after for quite some time now. Finally, I have mustered up the courage to make the leap and stretch myself. Words fail to describe the eagerness and excitement this decision brings. Every part of the way I shoot and work is going to change but I am so ready for the challenge. While an ounce (or two) of fear and doubt occasionally try to sneak in and rain on my parade, I am learning to tuck those away so that I can focus on chasing my dreams. I’m ready to pick up the pace!

 I hope to become a hybrid photographer which means that I will shoot with both digital and film formats. I will always love the dynamic range, speed and low light capabilities digital photography offers. Now, I’ll just be adding the dreamy look of film to my work. After weeks of research I confirmed that the Contax 645 would be the best camera system for my style and workflow. I made the purchase and she is in!! The Contax 645 is a medium format film camera and is surely the loveliest addition to my equipment collection yet!! Check out this 5-ish pound hunk of love…


Right?!! I just sit and stare. Partly because it’s such a beautiful piece of machinery and partly because I don’t know what in the heck to do with it. Hope that will change soon! 😉

So, you may be wondering why film, and why now? Well, for so many reasons… but here are just a few:

1. The look. I love the dreaminess look of photographs that have been captured with a film camera. I already consider my editing style “film inspired.” Film photography is so organic and raw. There is a timeless and artistic feel that, in my opinion, photographers just can’t get with a digital camera unless post-processed to look like film. Even then, I can still see a difference. And, keep in mind: most photographers, including myself, would rather be out shooting than staring at a computer screen editing all day. Many film inspired digital photographers can get really close to making their work look like film, but they can never truly capture light, grain, depth and color the same. Below are two digital vs. film side-by-sides I found with a basic google search. What do you think?

 Photos by:

Photos by:

Both digital and film are great for different reasons. I’m excited to begin the learning process so that I can utilize the best of both worlds.

2. Fine art. I am on a quest to become a fine art photographer. I feel like introducing film into my work will launch me in that direction. My desire is to not only capture art, but to offer my art to my clients. I want to give my clients the gift of owning and touching their memories in fine art style and I believe with all my heart that this leap will make it happen.

3. Growth.  

Why now? The only thing that comes to mind in response to that question is one of my very favorite quotes: “And the day came when the risk to stay tight in a bud was greater than the risk it took to bloom.” -Anais Nin.  In other words, I just can’t not. How’s that for a double negative. 😉 But really, I can feel it in my bones. 

I am eager to see how this journey unfolds. With a “the sky is the limit” mentality I am ready to dive-in and take off!  I would love for you to join me by following along on this new venture. I’ll be sharing more images along the way. I would love some feedback!!


PS: Just for fun, can you tell the difference between the digital and film images below?

1. left: digital, right: film 2. left: digital, right: film 3. left: film, right: digital 4. left: digital, right:film 

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