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Hayden Family | Atlanta Film Photographer

“On the day you were born the angels clapped their hands and the moon danced with the stars.” 

I cannot tell you guys how tickled I am to see my first set of film scans from Richard Photo Lab!! They came in today and I am in love!! I have been on pins and needles anxiously waiting to see them processed. With all my fingers (and toes) crossed, I have been hopeful that at least ONE good photograph will turn out. With an almost full roll of blurred images gone to waste (thanks to the learning process), I am thrilled that I got almost a full session’s worth of winners. It’s a miracle!! The Hayden family was so patient with me as I fumbled through their session switching back and forth between my film and digital cameras, googling and calling my intern, Alan, for a little extra support. Phew. We made it through and my heart could not be any happier with the result. What a blessing it is to have clients willing to let me have a dream and chase it. Here is a little peek of my very first film session…

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