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Wildcraft Flowers | Fine Art Film Photographer

Lately, creative shoots that allow me to connect with other small business owners have become some of my favorite types of sessions. I love watching people work. Capturing someone in their element, pouring their heart into their craft is so fulfilling. Fellow photography friends, never forget to make time for personal work. Make time to photograph something that fills your heart. Over the years, I have found that some of my favorite images have been from sessions or photoshoots I’ve planned or designed on my own. As an artist, designing and executing my own shoot, with my own vision, allows me to express myself creatively and authentically. There is nothing more rewarding than seeing something I dreamed up come to life. ✨ I have found that making time for personal work is refreshing and rejuvenating and totally fills my creative tank. And, well—as you know— a full creative tank makes for a better photographer. Whether it be a styled bridal shoot or a simple lifestyle session, I try to set aside a few times during the year to push myself and photograph something I truly love. 

Below is a lifestyle session I did of my flower farming friends, Carroll and Richard. I am super passionate about gardening (of any kind) so capturing my friends on their property tending to their flowers was such a treat! Carroll and Richard of Wildcraft Flowers own a small holistically managed flower farm that provides locally grown flowers to florists and markets. I reached out to them and asked if I could simply capture them doing what they do on a daily basis. They were delighted to have me out and we really had a great time together. Here are a few photographs from my with them this past fall. 

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