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Cabo San Lucus, Mexico | Atlanta Photographer

Back in December Brandon and I went on our 10 year Anniversary trip to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico and absolutely fell in love with the place. The atmostphere was so lively and vibrant! We stayed at an all-inclusive resort nestled on a 2 mile stretch of private beach along the beautiful blue Cortez Sea. We spent our days hopping back and forth between the beach and the pool soaking up as much Vitamin D as we could. Each night that we were there we ventured out into the little town to explore – one of our favorite things to do when we go on trips. We averaged 13k-20k steps a day while we were there (when we normally average 2k-6k a day)!! So yes, we did a LOT of walking. 🙂 We love seeing the sights and absorbing the lifestyle and customs wherever we go, taking it all in. Our favorite little evening treat was the street tacos – they were amazing! The term “street taco” is no joke, either. I felt pretty risky and courageous making my tacos just 3 steps from traffic flying by. We were so close to the road that we could literally feel the breeze from the cars zooming by. It was quite an experience and a memory I’ll never forget! Brandon and I have a little tradition of making sure to try local food stands or food trucks wherever we go. Cabo’s street tacos did not disappoint! If you ever go to Cabo, trying an authentic street taco is a must!

When traveling, Brandon and I also like to make sure to see at least one sunrise while we are on our trip. Witnessing God’s art in the form of calico skies is a masterpiece we love to see. On our 3rd morning there we made the effort to wake up early to catch the sun peeping up over the horizon. I am so thankful we decided to sacrifice a little sleep – it was breathtaking! Seeing the sun beams shine over the rocks beneath the cliffs was one of the most beautiful sights I’ve ever seen. That night we also took a sunset cruise and got to see the popular Cabo landmark called the Arch. It was another beautiful sight and one of my favorite sunsets yet.

Brandon and I decided to end the trip with a bang! Knowing how much I love an adventure, Brandon took me on a 2 hour side-by-side ATV tour along the Pacific ocean and throughout the Mexican sand dunes. Words cannot describe how much fun we had. I screamed like a kid on a rollercoaster almost the entire time! When it was over we both decided that the experience was very close to the top of both of our”Most Fun Things We’ve Ever Done” lists. 

As you know, all good things must come to an end. As we left Cabo and headed back home to our boys were so overwhelmed. We felt so blessed to have had that special time together and all the new memories but we were both ready to be back at home with our little people. I am so thankful for these photographs that tell the story of our trip and the moments we had together. I will treasure them forever!

  1. Brenda says:

    Absolutely beautiful! I love it there and these pics make me want to go back right this minute 🙂

  2. Pat Emsweller says:


  3. Juliana Chrestensen says:

    Such an amazing talent you have…..and it looks like your hubby has it too! Every photo is to perfection and really catches the essence of cabo!

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